TRAVERS 3 - CONFRONT THE FUTURE (in development)

international cross-art- research camp Copenhagen

An extraordinary working meeting of international artists* and researchers* from all over the world in Copenhagen at the end of May 2020. A 10-day interdisciplinary camp to explore the interaction between art and the future: What challenges and work processes lie ahead? How can we as artists position ourselves for the digital future? What can we learn from future generations? And where does our current artistic practice go?


As longtime researchers and concept developers in the performing arts, we have been selected by a jury - consisting of the board of the National Danish School of Performing Arts DDSKS and the ORGANIZERS - as experts in the performing arts for this interdisciplinary research camp. We would like to take this unique opportunity for networking and research.We will develop a philosophical-social perspective for the camp to meet the challenges of the future and to create synergies with new scientific directions, explore sustainable working methods and stimulate artistic interactions. Extensive research in advance in order to enter the camp with appropriate production proposals. We will explore the topic CONFRONT THE FUTURE in correlation to our thoughts on LIQUIDITY, TRANSFORMATION and SYMBIOSIS. Planned are, for example, a lecture demonstration, and a Research Lab with training and playful experimentation, as the Scandinavian colleagues know it from our work at Danish universities and company work. In the preparatory phase we will deal with different narratives such as theatre, film, performance, video installation and education. In autumn we are planning a showcase for the German-Danish Year in Berlin. By establishing sustainable cooperations and contacts to expand our international network, we see good chances to set up further innovative projects in Berlin with the colleagues from TRAVERS. Several museum directors* and curators* will participate in the camp as hosts. Through our many years of project experience with the Museum of Communication Berlin (including happenings for the Long Night of Museums, roundtables, teaching concepts, 9-months of performative support for an exhibition, audition as a performance with 200 actors), we can also offer concepts for Danish and German museums and thus promote an international exchange at the interface between the performing arts and museum spaces.


Hosts | Artistic Hosts | The Basis of Cooperation

Stefan Kaegi
Artistic direction Rimini Protokoll

Lola Arias
Filmmaker, theatremaker, author

Christian Falsnaes
Multidisciplinary artist
Magrét Bjarnadóttir
Björk's choreographer, multidisciplinary artist with Ragnar Kjartansson

Larissa Sansour
works with photography, film, sculpture and installation art, participant of the 58th Venice Biennale

Charlotte Bagger Brandt
Curator, former director of Kunsthal Charlottenborg,

Eva Meyer-Keller
Multidisciplinary artist,,

Lucia Pietroiusti
Curator at Serpentine Galleries, London, curator at the 58th Venice Biennale

Maria Hassabi
artist and choreographer,

Sebastian Hanusa
Dramaturge and composer, Deutsche Oper Berlin

Todd G. May, US-American author and philosopher, philosophical advisor to the NBC television show "The Good Place",

Matthias Mohr
artistic director Radialsystem,
previously Ruhrtriennale, PACT Zollverein, collaboration with Heiner Goebbels

Toke Lykkeberg Nielsen
Art critic, author, curator

Sara Topsøe-Jensen
Actress, artistic direction Carte Blanche Theater

Philip Venables
Composer for opera and theatre,

Punch Holten
Opera director, numerous productions, former director of the Covent Garden Opera and the Danish State Theatre,

Prof. Kai Johnsen
Director, dramaturge, professor at theatre schools, member of the Arts Council Norway

+ 60 international participants

will ensure an excellent level of work and together explore how their artistic practice can influence the future - and vice versa: directors, dramaturgs, dancers, actors, curators, composers, film and theatre makers, authors. The camp is supported by the Danish National Arts Fund (Statens Kunstfonds).



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