CHEKHOV ON THE ROAD (The Seagull - Part II.)

cross-artform research project | theatre and web | a german-danish cooperation in the performing arts

Following the anniversaries of both 120 years of filmmaking but also Anton Chekhov´s masterpiece "The Seagull", the Superbohemians have since November 2015 been filming about 30 etudes of the play together with invited colleagues from Germany and Denmark. A boundary-transcending performative project created in order to bring actors from different artistic backgrounds together and to research modern forms of collaboration and perfomance both on stage and in front of the camera:

What kinds of narration does the internet offer and demand for the implementation of theatrical content, how can stage and moving image be interwoven, where are the strengths of both? How does the game of all players change in order to attract the audience in front of a screen instead of the stage?

We are exploring new approaches to the universe of Anton Chekhov by extensive scenework, whilst utilizing the potential of video and multiple digital platforms for aesthecial and artistic conception. Through scenographic research of essential scenes of "The Seagull" this ongoing project is also serving as an innovative "moving moodboard" for an intended "Seagull"- project by the Superbohemians.

Directed by Greta Amend

Camera: Philippe Linus Petit

Editing and Color grading: Philippe Linus Petit

Sound: All

Cast: Greta Amend, Katrine Bach, Karla Nina Diedrich, Judith Sehrbrock, Cordula Zielonka, Sune Kofoed, Philippe Linus Petit, Christian Alexander Rogler, Roman Roth, Erik Viinberg and Rasmus Flensborg.