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Superbohemians is an internationally orientated, multidisciplinary group established by Greta Amend and Christian Alexander Rogler in 2016. We make work for theatre, film and media at the interface of film, theatre and visual arts. The new label Superbohemians follows a continuous artistic collaboration with their former group "Embassy of Performing Arts" from 2008 to 2014.

The companys cross-over work encompasses the development, production and direction of ground-breaking, genre-defying happenings, group perfomances, scenic readings, adaptions and staging of theatre plays, as well as the production of photographic and (short) film projects,and installations.


The Superbohemians are interested in researching the relation of humans and social conditions, whilst creating a spirit of collective enquiry, initiating exchange, emphasizing cross and inter-disciplinary approaches to making visual and perfomance art, developing international artist networks, and offering a context for putting creative ideas and arguments into action. A basis for the development of a common language and artistic direction are the workshops and masterclasses, lead by Greta Amend, which are invited by art universities and cultural institutions throughout Europe.

The group has invited actors and directors, as well artists from other disciplines, like writers, painters, installation artists, musicians, designers, photographers and different creative people, whom they happen to meet in their daily life. A gathering of people with a shared passion for art and out of an importance of a renaissance for the actor as the epicenter of the theatre. Superbohemians strive to create high-quality stage- and filmworks, do profound research in art, and at the same time enjoy spending lifetime together with respected and high regarded colleagues.


"For us being a Superbohemian means also a certain ethical lifestyle of being: From the beginning of our sojourn we find ourselves in a constant process of creation, reinvention and regeneration; we search, find, select, reject, fail, risk, search anew, and start all over again. That is the nature of our work. This includes not only the belief in own talent, but also trust in the path pursued, honesty towards oneself and others, and a healthy appetite for risk."



Man is only truly alive when he realizes, he is a creative artistic being.

(Joseph Beuys)

Creative Creator
Guest Performers 

Katrine Bach

Chekhov on the road

Karla Nina Diedrich

Chekhov on the road

Rasmus Flensborg

Chekhov on the road

Sune Kofoed

Chekhov on the road, Chekhov revisited

Philippe Linus Petit

Chekhov on the road, City Poetry Project

Roman Roth

Chekhov on the road

Judith Sehrbrock

Chekhov on the road

Erik Viinberg

Chekhov on the road, Chekhov revisited

Cordula Zielonka

Chekhov on the road, City Poetry Project

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Associate Artists

Jeju Caron

Performer, Translations

Michael Ebert

Installations, stage design

Robert Schuh

Hair & Make up artist

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