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As part of our collaboration with Teatret Neo in Randers, Denmark, Superbohemians merged several of Chekhov´s plays, focusing on the various "Doctor" characters and their respective views. What are those doctors telling us about their author Anton Chekhov - a practicing doctor himself - when all gathered in the same place? Our innovative composition researched the doctors´ interplay with colleagues, as well as patients from other Chekhov plays, like that emerging author searching for new forms named Kostya. 

Idea, concept, and artistic realization: Greta Amend.

Doctors: Erik Viinberg, Christian Alexander Rogler, Sune Kofoed

Produced by Superbohemians and Teatret Neo, kindly supported using public funding by Randers community (Randers Kommunes Kultur- og Fritids-udvalg). Hosted by Randers Teater

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