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Das_Jüngste_Gericht_Memling_The People v
Image: Das jüngste Gericht (Memling ~ 1470)


A cross-media think-and-do tank


For months now, we have been experiencing Corona as a dominant topic of the day worldwide, in social networks, in the media, in podcasts, in daily conversations, in public institutions, from cultural venues to parliaments.

Our artistic idea: We bring the virus where it belongs: To the World Court of Justice! The "invisible perpetrator" becomes a tangible persona, a character, which we challenge to enlightenment by re-enacting the typical procedural means of a public criminal trial: Covid-19 should "show face".

In the necessary research we would like to follow process-relevant details about the past and future "course of action" of the pandemic. We want to explore whether there is an answer to the question of guilt, shed light on our collective trauma, and thus experience ourselves as a solution-oriented, active community in a socially and historically significant moment.


Through research on, among other things, scientific, legal and socio-political issues, we are approaching a possible hybrid form of representation that will depend on the dramaturgy of the further pandemic event, but also anticipates further measures such as lockdown or shutdown in the performing arts.

At the interface between facts and fake - we would like to involve law students, judges and/or lawyers in our research in order to reflect on litigation processes and legal issues. We gain knowledge about legal procedures, ask about the motive of the perpetrator, the structure of the accusation and defense speech, and about ethics, for example, the relationship of man to nature (the subject of complicity).


As is customary in court, we try to approach an objective "truth" through evidence, and to illuminate it from different points of view. The open-ended research and subsequent juxtaposition of statements from science, numbers, diagrams, testimonies of affected persons, but also conspiracy theories and statements of so-called "lateral thinkers" results in an exciting and innovative composition of ideas, which we could weave as future game material with a dialog-strong plot, at the end of which a universal and always current topic is dealt with with the question of truth and justice.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media:

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