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In the autumn of 2010 Greta took over both the direction and art direction of “Real Pepper’s Ghost”, an 9-month live performance with 10 actors at the exhibition “Gerüchte” (“Rumours”) at the Communication Museums in Bern and Berlin. Because of the huge success it enjoyed, the exhibition was extended for several months until July 2011.

"The exhibition aimed to do more than explore the phenomenon of rumors and the kind of atmosphere they generate. We wanted it to function like a rumor mill itself, and even generate new gossip. For this purpose, actors were deployed as rumor mongers – insatiably curious, prying and insidious little creatures, always up to date with the latest hearsay and scandal. Appearing via the Pepper’s Ghost illusion technique, they operated from a very well-connected studio with cameras monitoring the whole exhibition at all times, and were thus able to address exhibition visitors directly through their little spy-holes."

Text: Holzer Kobler, Switzerland


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