THE YEAR OF THE SEAGULL (The Seagull - Part I.)





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The Year Of The Seagull - Berlin
The Year Of The Seagull - Berlin

International Masterclass for actors and directors by Greta Amend

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The „Year of the Seagull“ is a developmental laboratory program for encouraging high degree research and artistic exchange between professional stage and screen actors and directors from Germany and Denmark, as well as guest participants from around the globe. It is starting in springtime 2015 in Berlin, and will be back in autumn, after a stopover in Copenhagen in August. By working on Chekhovs play we celebrate the 120th anniversary of "The Seagull" as well as the 120 years of a "young" art form: Filmmaking. Under the artistic direction of lecturer Greta Amend we will work on gaining access to innovative forms of expression, learning and working methods, which could provide fresh impulses to our work. We also want to devote ourselves to the analysis of modern forms and possibilities to encourage new film and theatre creations.

In exchange between the creative poles of director, actor and author we strive to dissolve the separation between the two fields of film and theatre. Where are the similarities, where the differences in the work flow, where are the limits and the liberties? Especially the process of "editing", mostly used for film, will be researched and adapted for the stage. We invite actors and directors to capture real authentic moments within their adaption of the scenes, according to their own genre and style, preferences and prowess, by looking for the right register of emotion, gesture and dialogue.

The „Year of the Seagull“- project is following the Superbohemians´ philosophy of collective progress; it is aimed to be developed into a series of collaboration, readings, rehearsals, investigations, roundtable discussions and showcases to provide working professionals with an intensive study of their craft, while fostering further collaborative relationships among a peer community of artists. This course provides them with the possibility of building up an advantageous infrastructure with organizational and artistic competence, and the potential to work on a common mindset and artistic vocabulary for future mutual projects.

Concept, lecturer and director: Greta Amend


Directors: Ella Rasmussen, Janus Metz, Kim Lysgaard Andersen, Morten Borchersen

Actors: Lene Storgaard, Katrine Bach, Anne Reumert, Eva Pernille Bjørnhold, Judith Sehrbrock, Lene Poulsen, JeJu Caron, Anna Bergman, Mandy Rudsky, Dörte Manzke, Klaudia Golberg, Hila Rubinstein, Meike Kopka, Philippe Linus Petit, Roman Roth, Sune Kofoed, Erik Viinberg, Thomas Guldberg Madsen, Thomas Johan Michael Rosenskjold-Bæhring, Steffen Neupert, Pawel Aderhold, Philipp Kleinfelder

Camera (Berlin): Alexander Lony and Philippe Linus Petit

Editor: Philippe Linus Petit

Camera (Copenhagen): Ella Rasmussen, Christian Alexander Rogler

Pianist: Friedrich Wengler

Producer: Christian Alexander Rogler & Lene Storgaard

Kindly sponsored by Danish Actors´ Association, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, Amfiteatret.dkBellahøj Friluftsscene, and kindly supported by Danish Film Directors/Danske Filminstruktører

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