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At the core of Superbohemians´ education work are its international workshops and masterclasses created and led by Greta Amend since 2008, which offer an insight into the company’s working processes, and from which new stage and film-work is developed.

Specific exercises, also used by the company in the rehearsal room, have become the cornerstone of her unique method, and are reflected in her practice-oriented scene work. This series of exercises focuses on developing new and refining already existing acting techniques world-spanning from east to west, which are optimizing the actors’ artistic abilities beyond classical techniques and terms.


Training for professionals in the film-, tv- and theatre sector:

Lecture demonstrations, symposions and workshops have taken place in various european countries with actors and directors from different backgrounds in theatre and film. The classes focus mainly on teaching high-quality craftsmanship and artistic skills for professional film- and stage actors and directors to enable them to master the challenges the artist nowadays faces - with a degree of ease.

Education for the young:

In a cooperation with the Museum of Communication Berlin Greta Amend has since 2008 developed and teached special workshops for children and young people from various schools in Berlin, with exercises designed to nurture courage, self-consciousness, media competence and confidence by experiencing initial appearences on stage and in a safe laboratory environment. Always with a strong focus on the aspect of powerful self-creation in our life.

The formation of the Superbohemians results directly from Greta´s longstanding research on new approaches to scenework by merging of old and new, eastern and western techniques combined with her divised techniques for stage and screen. Based on the wish to spread a new and easy-to-adapt language for professional artists, in order to share the process of finding beauty together and create outstanding, memorable performances. We like to thank our sponsors in the field of cultural and artistic education and intermediation. We have long-term experience in creating methods, tools and mindesets for artistic transfer of knowledge, and have been cooperating with and teached at:

  • Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts & Technology in Berlin

  • The National Film School Of Denmark - Postgraduate Dept., Copenhagen

  • The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen

  • Norsk Skuespillersenter, Oslo, in cooperation with Norsk Filminstitutt

  • Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie, dffb, Berlin

  • Museum für Kommunikation Berlin

  • Medienakademie, Hamburg

  • Annedore-Leber-Stiftung

  • McKinsey Deutschland

  • European Masterclasses since 2008

  • International Energizing The Actor Workshops in D, A, CH 2008-2019

  • Berlinale Festival Labs

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