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International cross-art performance & artists camp Copenhagen 2021.

We co-created 2 audio tours and a extraordinary "graffiti performance".

An extraordinary working meeting of international artists and researchers from all over the world in Copenhagen at the end of May 2020. A 10-day interdisciplinary camp to explore the interaction between art and the future: What challenges and work processes lie ahead? How can we as artists position ourselves for the digital future? What can we learn from future generations? And where does our current artistic practice go?

travers superbohemians.jpg

photo and video: Søgaard Film

We were invited  as performers & co-creators to take part in:


  • The city as a stage: Multidisciplinary Performance with director Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll): "How to turn the urban space into a story? Stefan Kaegi will research with the participants strategies to claim public spaces as trails of narration. Using bicycles, microphones, conspirative tokens and other ephemeral tools we will focus on performance as an act of walking - an artistic form of a treasure hunt." (Text Rimini Protokoll)


  • Writing on the wall: Multidisciplinary Performance created by Aljoscha Begrich, Jo Preußler, Stefan Reuter & Superbohemians


As longtime researchers and concept developers in the performing arts, we were selected as representatives for Berlin and Germany by the jury - consisting of the board of the National Danish School of Performing Arts DDSKS and the ORGANIZERS - as experts in the performing arts for this interdisciplinary research camp. We would like to express our thankfulness for the great artistic experience with the fellow artists from around the world.

photos: Christian A. Rogler & Jonas Søgaard

Contributors | Hosts | Artistic Hosts | The Basis of Cooperation:

  • Stefan Kaegi

  • Lola Arias

  • Magrét Bjarnadóttir

  • Charlotte Bagger Brandt

  • Eva Meyer-Keller

  • Todd G. May

  • Sara Topsøe-Jensen

  • Philip Venables

  • Aljoscha Begrich, Jo Preußler, Stefan Wartenberg

  • + 60 international participants: directors, dramaturgs, dancers, actors, curators, composers, film and theatre makers, authors.

2021 produced by Louise Beck, Anna Berit Asp Christensen, Miriam Frandsen, Martel Ollerenshaw, Rikke Lund Heinsen, Lukas Quist Lund, Trine Rosa Bonde. The camp was supported by the Danish National Arts Fund (Statens Kunstfonds). 

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