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Ever since Greta Amend has been devoting herself to the work of Anton Chekhov since the beginning of the 90´s, she has been particulary struck by "The Seagull", and the vast variety of topics this unique masterpiece is offering: "A great deal of conversation about theatre, literature, little action, tons of love", to quote Chekhov himself.

The play has had a great impact on Greta´s work as actress, teacher and director so far, and she considers her treatment consequently to be more than a film, but the fruit of an ongoing art project, which will bearing the artistic hallmarks of a life-spanning research on this fabulous theatrical composition.

Resulting from this research are projects like the international masterclasses "The Year Of The Seagull" in Berlin and Copenhagen, the multi-clip-artwork "Chekhov On The Road" and the german-danish co-production "Chekhov Revisited", the latter a laboratory based on extensive scenework on several Chekhov plays, staged by Greta in Teater Randers in Denmark, 2016.

For several years Greta has been using Chekhov´s plays in her masterclasses at the postgraduate departments of the National Danish Film School, Copenhagen, National Danish Theatre School, Copenhagen and others.

Greta´s aim has always been to share her inspiring enthusiasm for this author, based on extensive scenework with both directors and actors on the floor, as well as in front of the camera.

Through this scene work and the actor´s response to it, she accumulated a unique knowledge about the modern authenticity of the play, Greta is currently about to adapt for the screen.

Chekhov terrace by Greta Amend - Superbo
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