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Travers Festival III. - Copenhagen

Mai-June 2021 we are invited as artists and teachers amongst more than 50 international colleagues from all artistic sections at the multidisciplinary Travers Camp Copenhagen: "Confront the Future", where we will take part in two on-site projects:

Writing on the wall: Multidisciplinary Performance directed Aljoscha Begrich, Jo Preußler, Stefan Reuter & Superbohemians Produzent: Travers Copenhagen - Statens Kunstfond Denmark

The city as a stage: Multidisciplinary Performance directed Stefan Kaegi Rimini Protokoll & Superbohemians: "How to turn the urban space into a story? Stefan Kaegi will research with the participants strategies to claim public spaces as trails of narration. Using bicycles, microphones, conspirative tokens and other ephemeral tools we will focus on performance as an act of walking - an artistic form of a treasure hunt." (Text Rimini Protokoll)

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